Delawareans develop own budget proposals, share ideas on reducing federal deficit

WILMINGTON — On Thursday, Congressman John Carney (D-DE) hosted two public meetings to hear Delawareans’ suggestions for reducing federal budget deficits and getting the nation back on a stronger fiscal path.  The participants, which included community members, students, business leaders, and seniors, debated their own budget proposals and shared their thoughts and ideas regarding changes to federal spending.  The meetings were held at Wesley College in Dover and Delaware Tech's Stanton campus.

“Now is the time to take action in Washington to get the nation’s fiscal house in order,” said Congressman Carney.  “I strongly support a balanced approach that includes spending cuts and revenue, while protecting the middle class and preserving critical investments for the future.  These are serious, long-term challenges, and these meetings gave me a chance to hear directly from Delawareans about their priorities for the very difficult choices that must be made.”

The meetings were hosted in coordination with the Concord Coalition, a national, non-partisan organization that advocates for responsible fiscal policy.  As part of the meetings, Jeff Thiebert, Northeast Regional Director for the Concord Coalition, reviewed current spending in the federal budget, and led an exercise that helped participants draft and discuss their own budget solutions.

“This exercise gives participants an opportunity to learn about the fiscal challenges our nation faces and also discuss the trade-offs necessary to make a difference,” said Thiebert.